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About Sheryl Tratner

Sheryl Tratner grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and she moved to Los Angeles with her family in 1968.  Innately shy, she was always very skilled with numbers, and that lead her to become a bookkeeper for the last 40 years.  She has worked with companies such as Clymer Publications and, Shimano Sales Corp.  Sheryl has immersed herself in several different fields including retail, wholesale and working with CPAs.  At Hornstein Financial Sheryl works with Sam and Steve.  She assists with tax preparations and assists Steve and Sam with financial investing paperwork for new and current clients.

Sheryl met her husband Patrick in 2004.  Patrick works with a marketing firm helping business owners operate more efficiently and effectively.  They are both very passionate about helping small businesses succeed.

In her spare time Sheryl is passionate about alternative healing, and finding holistic solutions to problems.  Her empathy has made her passionate about this industry for over 30 years.