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What We Believe

Our Mission and Vision

Our Financial Advisors, Steve Hornstein and Sam Lewinson, believe in providing complete wealth management services tailored to the individual goals and values of our clients. We understand that your financial situation is unique. One size does not fit all.

Before we make any recommendations we take time to get to know you. And we make sure that you know us. For instance, did you know that Steve also is a lawyer and a CPA?  With mutual trust and understanding, we can better tailor an investment strategy appropriate to your personal financial situation.

We believe in putting the interests of our clients first. By adhering to a fiduciary standard of responsibility, we manage your investments for your benefit, not our profit. We have no special or proprietary “Hot Tips.”

Whether your financial affairs are simple or complex, we can develop an investment strategy that is right for you. A poorly planned or executed strategy can cost you and your heirs tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and probate fees. We are experienced at integrating investing, tax reduction strategies and estate planning.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that the key to investment success is to pick a strategy that both we and our client can follow when things go badly.

  • If our Strategy does not reflect how our client feels, then the client’s feelings, not our Strategy, will win.
  • Emotions are an investor’s biggest enemy, so we make our plan emotionally realistic.

Set realistic Return Targets – Stock prices generally will not grow faster than the economy.

  • If you must have a certain return, and are not getting it, then you will begin to take too much risk.

Managing risk is more important than trying to maximize returns

  • Avoiding the worst of the downside is worth more than capturing all of the upside.

Always match our client’s investments to his or her time horizon.

  • We invest very differently when a client is saving for retirement in 20 years than when a client is about to retire or already retired.

Investing should be dull. Knife throwing should be exciting.

Together, we create a personal portfolio of investments that does not depend upon correctly predicting the future of the Stock Market for its success. As the Stock Market goes up and down your plan can give you the confidence to ride out the rough spots and not trade impulsively. This can help you to reduce both losses and emotional stress.

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of our clients’ lives as we oversee their wealth to help them work towards achieving their long-term goals and dreams. We aim to provide superior service and guidance, and build strong relationships. We help simplify our clients’ financials affairs allowing them to focus on those areas that give their life meaning and purpose.