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Questions We Will Ask at Our First Meeting

1. Are you putting in or taking out?

2. What are your goals?

3. How much do you need to meet your goals?

4. When do you need the funds?

5. Do you have other sources of income –Savings, Social Security, Pension, Annuity, Inheritance, Rental Income, etc.?

6. Do you know if you are saving enough to meet your goals?

7. What happens if you do not meet your goals?

8. What experience do you have investing?

9. Do you have a budget and/or financial plan?

10. Are you self-employed, an employee or retired?


A Personal Plan.  Without a plan, how will you know when you reach your goal?  How will you even know if you are going in the right direction?  Working with Hornstein Financial you are more likely to take action to develop and implement a financial plan.

Our aim is to put together a portfolio that does not depend upon correctly predicting the future of the Stock Market for its success.  So that when the Stock Market goes down, as we all know it will from time to time, you will have the confidence and fortitude to stick to your plan and not trade impulsively.  

We understand that the greatest plan in the world will not work for you, if it is not yours.  For that reason, we take the extra time to get to know you and for you to get to know us.  We work with you as trusted partners to develop your own personal investment plan.

Sticking to Your Plan.  Trading on emotions can be both costly and stressful.  We work hard to develop a financial plan and portfolio that you can stick to through thick and thin.

Monitoring Your Plan.  Once an investment strategy is implemented, we will conduct comprehensive periodic reviews of your investment objectives, your investments’ performance and your overall progress toward your financial goals.